Friday, 7 February 2014

Select Your E Cigar Kit: What is the Best E Cigar

You might have visited several online e cigarette selling websites. The more you explore, the tougher it becomes to know what is the best e cigar for you. However, this can be easier to handle once you answer some questions to understand what you need better.  The best approach is first to know what you are looking for, whether it is the sensation you experience, or the number of puffs that interest you. You might want to know what style of the cigar you prefer and which suits your personality.
In addition, the consistency of the vapor produced by the cigar you use is important. Of course, you must know that there are E Cigarettes that work on Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The consistency of the vapor emanating varies accordingly, and usually people prefer the one using PG. Visit website for more information on this.
In order to know what is the best e cigar for you, you might as well go through some trouble of reading various reviews by users of different brands of e cigarettes. Instead of going for E Cigarettes, people choose E Cigars simply because they look awesome and classy.
Among the many renowned brands for E Cigars is SteamLite. Cigarettes from this company have a unique style and look more sophisticated than others look. People often hear about other brands like Veppo E Cigar and E Cig as well, but SteamLite has made a name of its own. The main difference between each brand is the outlook, but the mechanism remains the same.
Moreover, unlike the hassle of using a real cutter and then the ritual of lighting it among friend is no longer the in thing. There is no need to carry things like a cutter and a lighter around with you any. Now people move around with their cigar kit and light it up anywhere they are. What’s more, the benefits of using an E cigar are many more than just style. Now people can smoke in public areas without creating harmful fumes that can affect non-smokers nearby. By controlling the concentration of the nicotine, they can also minimize the harm smoking causes.
Usually, the main reason why people choose cigars is that they love stronger flavor. At SteamLite, you can buy an E Cigar with 2 cartos or 10 cartos depending on the intensity of the taste you seek. The normal E Cigar at SteamLite comes in the usual cigar flavor, which is close the real cigar. Users hardly feel the difference and this helps them get over their smoking addiction with time.
Its mode of operation is just like that of the E Cigarettes. They work on a battery, which is easy to charge as long as you have a USB port or a power outlet. While seeking what is the best e cigar, you need to keep in mind that each cartomizer contains between 800-900 puffs. The average e liquid is about 2.5 grams and it has a battery capacity of approximately 1200mAH. To charge the battery, the voltage required must be 4.7V for a Steamlite e cigar.

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