Friday, 7 February 2014

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Shine Conditioner 8.5 oz

This conditioner comprises of certified organic substances and biotic components. It restores the shine in your hair, which you lost because your hair was not healthy. The Conditioner works from root to tip to restore the health of your hair that has been lost to the environmental factors and the stress that you face day-in-day-out.
·         Formula contains organic material that helps your hair regain health
·         Botanical extracts that help returning shine to your hair
·         Perfect to use on all kinds of hair

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Spray Shine 4 oz

This smart little formula comprising of antioxidants and vitamins helps renew the shine that your hair once had. The Spray Shine by Alterna Hemp formula does not affect the health of your hair. The anti residual spray is extremely easy to apply and is easy to manage.
·         Comes with the assured quality of Alterna Hemp
·         Ultra dry for easy to apply and easy to manage
·         Has antioxidants and vitamins
·         Restores the natural shine to your hair, does not look artificial or over board


Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Thickening Shampoo 8.5 oz

This neat little formula restores natural glory back to your hair. Due to the effect of the factors in the environment and due to our own stress levels, our hair does not remain as healthy as they were. This sulfate free shampoo will restore the volume and thickness to your hair.
·         Efficient cleanser of your hair
·         Sulfate free shampoo, is safe to use
·         Equally efficient on all kinds of hair
·         Shampoo does not contain any Gluten

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Thickening Conditioner 8.5 oz

This great conditioner is perfect for use with the supplementary Shampoo of the same brand. This will ensure that the combination of the two can help bring back the volume and shine to your hair. This conditioner will bring back strength to your hair, fighting hair fall.
·         Conditioner brings back volume and body to your hair
·         Moisturizes your hair with weightless moisture
·         More volume of hair means more density
·         Is safe for use on all hair types
·         Comes with the assured quality of Alterna Hemp

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Thickening Compound 4.2 oz

This neat little thickening compound is ideal for use on thin and malnutrition hair. Thin hair can be a lot of trouble especially when styling but this compound works on them from root to tip to make them thick and easy to manage. Hair that is dense and healthy also appeals to the eye.
·         A complete root to tip treatment
·         Creamy and Light lotion that is ideal for styling solutions
·         Depends on natural botanical substances to restore volume and density to your hair
·         Comes with Avocado Oil

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Putty 2 oz

This is what the stylist of today had been waiting for. This industrial grade Putty from Alterna Hemp is perfect for styling of hair of all kinds. The putty is perfect for the working class as it is ideally suited for hairstyles that require medium hold.
·         Perfect hold for any hairstyle
·         Shine and finish is natural and does not look artificial
·         Provides options to sculpture hair in any way as you like



Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Paste 2 oz

This is the perfect companion for any hair stylist. The paste gives you options to sculpt your hair in any way you like. The paste is safe to use on all kinds of hair and brings out equal results in all of the categories. The 2 Oz pack is the perfect size to be carrying around without a problem.
·         Provides a working hold, which means you have the freedom to do so much more with your hair.
·         The finish is extremely natural; no way does your hair look artificial or styled.

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Firm Hold Gel 4.2 oz

The Gel from Alterna Hemp is something that is going to be equally good on all kinds of hair. The Gel provides the stylist with firm hold, which is required for the modern hairstyles of today. The gel is safe to use and does not cause any damage to your hair.
·         Firm Hold required for the modern styles of today
·         4.2 Oz is a manageable pack and can be carried around easily

·         Comes with the assured quality that every product of Alterna Hemp possesses

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