Friday, 7 February 2014

Complete tax business in a box

We at Tax Refund Wizard provide you with a sound platform where you can serve your clients with utmost dedication as you aspire in your own tax business.  We aid our people in delivering quality results since we follow the mantra of Excellency and sincerity in client service. We provide you with the perfect podium and marketing tools through which your clients will not only be able to reach you but also seek advice, information and consultation in tax management solutions.
Tax Refund Wizard is all set to earn you the perfect reputation of refunds so that you are able to form a strong customer base that will help your business conquer newer heights.
Our Standard Membership is composed of utilities meant for maximum client satisfaction and learning. We have our own software, which is easy to learn and adapt to. We provide a comprehensive package within which you will not only have access to newer marketing tools but also to training utilities only meant for your business progress.
One of the biggest attractions in this business line is nothing but the money factor. Taxation is one business that will continue to flourish irrespective of the status of other businesses. According to the sources of, tax industry is a highly thriving one with professionals being in the top league of income makers. Now, with the incentive of working from home all thanks to tax software- the profession is taking leaps faster than it was predicted.
When you come to us, we offer you a contracted service where you will form a business for yourself only through our means. It is safe to assume that we are to maintain a partnership in this business. We provide you with the necessary tools and training for boosting your online tax career right in pace with the demands and expectations of the current times. Our marketing podium has a high conversion rate. Our commission rate is higher than all other leading firm’s rate.
If you are new in the line of tax business, then consider our standard membership to include all the amenities provided to you under affordable rates. We offer complete exposure of credible tax law training. There is virtually no concept of Electronic Filing Number (EFIN). As opposed to this, you require a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). In short, we will equip you will all the latest necessities and formalities of online tax business.
Commission division
In Standard Membership, that commission is set to 45%. This is definitely a tad bit higher than what you would find in the offerings by other mainstream companies. All the returns you process will be commissioned in a timely basis that is at the end of every week. In addition, the monthly fee is constant throughout our venture with you.
Our award winning, self-designed software is credible and extremely user friendly. We will provide you a complete training to make you accustomed to all the tools and utilities provided in the software. The turnaround of this software is good so much so that eight out of ten users learn to use it quickly within an hour.
Bank facilities
Tax Refund Wizard strives to remain competitive in the tax industry. For this, we provide you with bank refunds easily and conveniently for customers. With us, you will have the incentive to print checks on the spot. Other than this, you can also apply for your client’s debit card refund along with direct bank transfer facilities.
Training and marketing tools
One of the biggest benefits that we provide to our new entrepreneurs is the training to step in the world of competition and success. Our tax course is sufficiently customizable so that you can pick where you want to polish yourself further, or if you are in need of a crash course from scratch.
Moreover, marketing is a venture that we deal separately depending on the target market you aspire to serve. Together with your consultation, we devise effective social media campaigns and SEO strategies to give you the voice and stage you deserve in the pool of talent out there.
Customer Support

Customer service is what sets you apart from all your competitors. We believe in prompt outreach to clients and for this, we facilitate live assistance and calling facilities. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we so everything possible to help you achieve this.

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