Friday, 7 February 2014

How do Electronic Cigarettes function?

Smokers who wish to quit conventional cigarette owing to the fact that they are banned in most public places, and because they have the potential to cause harmful diseases can benefit from the new E-Cigarettes now available globally. Many people are unaware of exactly how these cigarettes differ from conventional ones in terms of functionality and mechanics. It is essential to note that there is a major difference in the smoking mechanics of both. The former is based on creative concepts and cutting edge design that offers unmatched convenience for both, the smokers as well as the people surrounding them in public. The structure of the Electronic Cigarettes is divided into three main portions namely:

- Battery
- Atomizer
- Cartridge Refill
The shape and size of the E-Cigarettes may somewhat resemble conventional cigarettes, but the mechanics differ entirely. When the user takes a puff from the E-Cigarette the Cartridge containing E-Liquid, issues a certain amount of smoke through the atomizer and into the system via mouth piece. This specialized E-Liquid contains nicotine and propylene glycol which creates vapor entirely devoid of color and smell. It is because of this effect that the user can enjoy the same sensation of having smoked a regular cigarette but at the same time, remains 100% safe from all the harmful medical conditions that normal cigarette smoke containing tobacco can cause.
Each time the smoker takes a puff from the E-Cigarette, the LED on the atomizer glows red to indicate that the nicotine vapor has been issued from the cartridge. The mechanics are therefore smart, simple and safe for the user and everyone else. It must be noted that the Electronic Cigarettes can neither be lit, not do they issue smoke into the atmosphere. It is for this reason that public places do not prohibit these cigarettes, while normal paper cigarettes are banned in most parts of the world. Any or all parts of the electronic cigarette can be replaced or repaired if damaged. For instance, users can conveniently have the battery recharged or replaced in case of low power. This offers the advantage of having one single cigarette last for a significant duration of time, eliminating the need to purchase packs and packs of normal paper cigarettes once they have been smoked.
There are numerous other advantages associated with the use of electronic cigarettes over conventional ones; and these include health, environmental and financial benefits all at the same time. Because it does not contain or burn tobacco, the E-Cigarette does not contribute to the development of mouth or lung cancers, it does not expose non smokers to passive breathing because it does not issue smoke, and it does not pollute the environment in any way. It is important for all people aiming to replace their conventional cigarettes and wondering ‘How does the E cigarette work?’ to know, in order to discontinue the use of harmful tobacco and make public places cleaner and safer for everyone to breathe in.

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